Just like my work, I provide 3 highly focused services to enterprises:

1. Training


Are you looking forward to train your team in Java performance engineering? I conduct highly acclaimed 2 days in-person training program to your Developers, Operation Engineers, QA Engineers and Architects on the topic “Java Performance Engineer”.

In this training program your team will learn what 95% of Java engineers doesn’t know. Agenda for the training program includes


  • Presentations
  • Hands-on training sessions
  • Lab exercises
  • Best practice recommendations

After the program, engineers would be able to isolate, detect and fix JVM performance problems.


2. ‘Hard’ production problems


Is your application’s:

  • CPU maxing out?
  • Suffering from memory leaks?
  • Response time degrading?
  • Having dead locks in production?
  • Are you restarting the application frequently?

Can’t take the heat anymore from senior management or customers? Don’t worry, my years and years of battle fought experience are here at your service. I can solve any JVM related problem with in 2 business days.

I will analyze the problem, get to the root of it and provide you with Root Cause Analysis (RCA) report. I will also recommend tactical and strategical solution to address the problem.


3. Critical Systems Review (CSR)


Are you looking forward to

  • Scale your application?
  • Achieve tier-1 availability?
  • Reduce your response time?
  • Is security a concern?
  • Did you inherit any new application due to re-org? Not sure what are the technical challenges with it?

I can help you. I will thoroughly study your application from scalability, performance, availability and security aspects. I will conduct various types of tests, capturing diagnostics data from the JVM, analyze them in detail and give you a report indicating the current problematic areas, near future problems that you will face and recommended solutions to them. Solutions will include architectural changes, Framework recommendations, code level changes, JVM setting changes, Application Server setting changes, Database/HTTP settings.

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