World-class Performance Engineering & Root Cause Analysis Tools.


GCeasy – Universal Garbage Collection Log Analyzer that parses any format of Garbage collection logs and generates WOW graphs & AHA metrics. Inbuilt intelligence has the ability to discover any sort of memory problems.

fastThread – World-Class thread dump analyzer to fire flight any sort of JVM related availability, scalability and performance problems. Applies several Intelligence patterns discover the root cause of the problem instantly.

HeapHero – world’s first and the only cloud-based heap dump analysis tool. Registration, download or installation is not required to use the tool. Just upload your application’s heap dumps & review the beautiful reports instantly.

yCrash – non-intrusive, secure, instant root cause analysis tool. It captures thread dump, heap dump, GC log, netstat, vmstat, top, and several more artifacts, right when the problem is happening in the production. It instantly analyzes all the artifacts & generates a root cause analysis report in the dashboard. 

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