Who is the hero?

Yesterday we went to our friend’s daughter birthday party, who was turning out to be 4. To the birthday party a couple came with their challenged kid, whose age might be 12 or 13. This kid couldn’t talk properly. She couldn’t walk or for that matter she couldn’t even stand up vertically. Her Father had to hold her up and take her to the Jumper house. Kid’s leg was shaking so badly and she couldn’t keep her feet fully on the ground. Once kid reached the jumper house, a big smile surfaced in her face. Wow!! Happiness expressed itself in it’s full form. We would need several eyes to see it.

Later we learnt that she has to go to bathroom very frequently like almost every hour. Whenever family travels back to India(22 hours flight journey from San Francisco), kid doesn’t like it and she starts to cry in the flight. Since for her age her cries are quite loud and peer passengers doesn’t take it that well. I just couldn’t imagine what an confidence, persistence and hard-work that family has to poses. If this isn’t height of valor, what else is it?

15 – 20 years back, I watched a box-office hit south Indian movie “Anjali”, which deals with mentally challenged kid. In the movie, Father of the challenged kid delivered a dialogue in similar lines to his elder daughter: “Anjali (challenged kid) is the god’s kid. She needed a special Father, Mother and Sister, that’s why god sent Anjali to our family”. All these years this dialogue remained with me. After seeing the kid in yesterday’s party, this dialogue resurfaced. Now I realized how true the dialogue was. Indeed her Father and Mother are REAL Hero’s. God bless the kid and their parents.

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