JVM is the most popular programming platform in the world. It empowers many enterprises to run its mission-critical applications. However, tuning and optimizing JVM to deliver top-notch performance is a daunting job.

Through this training program, we empower engineers to deliver that top-notch performance. After this training program, engineers will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to optimize CPU, memory and response time. They will gain deep expertise to troubleshoot complex production problems. They will be taught right tools, techniques, patterns to become world-class performance experts.


  • QA Performance Engineers
  • Production Support Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Software Engineers

Training curriculum

Course content can be downloaded from here.


Ram Lakshmanan – one of the industry’s leading Performance Experts. You can learn his accomplishments here.

Training program includes:

  • ‘ah ha’ moments provoking presentations
  • Hands-on lab exercises
  • Troubleshooting real-world problems

Training location

At your office location (anywhere in the world).  Remote training currently not available.

Students count

5 – 20 students

Training period

5 days – QA Engineers, Production support Engineers, Reliability Engineers

3 days – Software Engineers


Are you interested in the training? Need to learn more about it? Send us an email to team@tier1app.com, with subject: “JVM Performance Training” and provide the following details:

  • Company Name/Location
  • Number of Students
  • Preferred Training Date(s)


Add yours

  1. Hi,
    I would like to attend this class. Please let me know when you schedule it for next time.
    Hope online classes also available since I am from India.
    Please share your mail id and other details.

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