Service virtualization: CA Lisa ITKO, WireMock

Service virtualization is a great way to test software. We have been using this methodology for more than a decade now, when the term “Service virtualization” didn’t even exist. Back then it was called “Data Simulation”.

There are two prominent products in this space:

  1. Lisa ITKO  –  commercial product from Computer Associates (CA)
  2. WireMock – Open source solution

Here is my thoughts on these two products.

  CA Lisa ITKO WireMock
Webservices support HTTP/HTTPS/HTTPS(massl) Yes Yes
JMS (MQ), JDBC support Claims to be supported. But even when requested for demo, Vendor didn’t provide it No
GUI – user interface Good GUI. Easy to organize and structure the test data. No GUI.
Configurations are made on text file
Ease of use It took close to several months for a major financial organization to deploy and see the ROI In matter of minutes product can be deployed and value is seen right away
Deployment Models 1. On a separate Server
2. Client side deployment model is coming up
1. On a separate Server (Has a flexibility to deployed on your app server of choice – Tomcat, Jetty, Websphere, Weblogic)
2. Client side deployment
3. Deployment with in app (i.e. same JVM)
Integration with Unit testing frameworks No Yes. It has strong integration with Unit Testing frameworks
Google Trending
(please see image below)
Starting to Decline Rising. Crossing CA Lisa
Industry adoption Well adopted Used by industry leaders such as American Express, Intuit…
Licensing Model Very Expensive Free
Support Model Vendor CA provides No Vendor support. Only open source community support
Business Direction Founder John Michelsen has sold the product to CA and exited. Most of the time I have seen, after founder/visionarie exits the company, product lacks at it’s innovation. Wiremock is supported and managed 29 GitHub contributors. It’s having a GitHub star rating of 632 (as of today), which is quite a considerable ranking.


Fig: Google Trends CA Lisa ITKO, Wiremock

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