GC Tuning & Troubleshooting Crash Course

Our architect Ram Lakshmanan presented a talk on the topic: “GC Tuning & Troubleshooting Crash Course” in JAX London 2019 conference. Talk was very well received by the attendees.



Please see the attendee’s ratings (5 = best) as well as the corresponding conference average in brackets.

  • Quality of the presentation: 4.9 (4.0)
  • Speaker’s knowledge of the subject: 5.0 (4.5)

This talk was rated 7 times from the jaxlondon app.

  • Perfect. Most usefull sessions were the two sessions of this guy
  • Great performance. Very practical
  • Perfect talk as the second one from this speaker


Presentation deck that was used in the conference given below


Here are few photographs taken in the conference:

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