Last USA Exit – 1

Through a common friend, San Diego Java user group invited me to speak on Aug’ 20 (i.e. yesterday). As practice makes man perfect, I thought

it would be a great idea to speak on the “7 secrets of WellsFargo’s 99.99% availability” subject before the Java One conference (big event). Besides that my two toddlers were also asking for a while to go to Disney. So I thought to combine both together.

I planned to spend Saturday, Sunday, Monday in Los Angeles (Disney) and drive from there to San Diego on Tuesday (Aug’ 20) to speak in the user group. So I booked hotels through an online reservation site accordingly.

According to the plan wife, two kids and me drove from bay area. We spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Los Angeles. Kids had a blast in Disney. On Tuesday (Aug’ 20), we started around 1pm to drive to San Diego as my speech was to supposed to commence at 7pm. Through my mobile phone’s map application, I had driving directions routed from Los Angeles to the hotel in San Diego. I was driving according to the directions.
Approximately 3 hours later, I saw a signs something like: “International Border”, “Last Exit to USA”. Since I was in the left most lane, I couldn’t cut all the tracks and take the exit. Oh my god, this is the point where I realized that I am crossing USA border and entering to Mexico! Apparently it turned out online hotel reservation site booked my hotel in Tijuana, Mexico and not in USA. I was also stupid enough not to realize till this point.
Since I am an immigrant and not a citizen, I am supposed to carry all the documents when I am crossing the border. Apparently I didn’t have anything other than my California Driver’s license. As the speedometer needle was winding down, my heart beat started to go up. With all the anxiety, I started to cross the border….

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