Enterprise Releases

Download and install latest Enterprise Edition of our toolset. It should only take you seconds to get the tool up and running.


Dec’ 02, 2020Release_3_56 download
Release notes
Oct’ 16, 2020Release_3_55 download
Release notes
Oct’ 11, 2020Release_3_54 download
Release notes
Sep’ 19, 2020Release_3_53 download
Release notes
Aug’ 01, 2020Release_3_51 download
Release notes
Jul’ 10, 2020Release_3_50 download
Release notes

Old Tier1app Enterprise Edition releases can be found here.

Deployment Instructions

Pre-requisite: Please install Java 8.

1. Download the latest Enterprise release zip fil (from the above ‘Releases’ section ).

2. Unzip the release file (say you are unzipping in c:\workspace\tier1app folder).

3. Place the license certificate (i.e. license.lic) that was sent to you into this newly unzipped folder (i.e. c:\workspace\tier1app folder).

4. Start your application by invoking the appropriate launch command.

Windows: c:\workspace\tier1app\launch.bat Unix: /opt/workspace/tier1app/launch.sh

URL to Tools

Web Version: http://localhost:9010/
GC API: http://localhost:9010/analyzeGC?apiKey={YOUR_API_KEY}
FastThread API: http://localhost:9010/fastthread-api?apiKey={YOUR_API_KEY}
HeapHero API: http://localhost:9010/analyze-hd-api?apiKey={YOUR_API_KEY}

Note: API key should be given to you at the time of registration.

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