Consolidating apps in to one JVM

In the releases prior to 3.54 – GCeasy, fastThread, HeapHero tools were launched in its unique JVMs and ports. Starting from Release 3.54, we GCeasy, FastThread and HeapHero tools will be launched from one single JVM and port. The new tools page will start to look as shown in the below image:

Fig: New Tier1app Enterprise Edition landing page

Backward compatibility

We have seen our customers creating subdomains for each of the tools in their organizations. Example:

 These customers might be wondering how to make the deployment starting from this 3.54 release. We have a couple of options for them.

1. Remapping the domain

You can map all the 3 subdomains i.e.,, and to the new JVM instance where the application is running because new landing page is universal to support all the 3 applications.

2. Launching each tool in separate JVM and port

If you would prefer to launch each application in separate JVMs and ports, that’s also supported. In the folder where the new tier1app installation is unzipped you will see the ‘launch-scripts’ folder. This folder has following scripts:



When you launch the tools with these scripts, each tool will be launched in its own JVM and port number. In this way, you don’t have to make any changes to domain mapping.

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